What Happened to the Little House On The Prairie set?


Below are Pictures of Little House fan, Lisa Sanders visit to the remaining set. Pictures where taken in 1999. The Little House set is located on the Movie Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California.


UPDATE: Prairie Fans is sad to report this news, but this set a long with the others pictured on this page know longer exists. The remaining Little House set burned down during the southern California fires in October of 2003. All that remains is a tree where Michael Landon carved his initials and his former wife Lynn's initials.


Here is the Little House. There is no longer any door and grass has grown up in the front.

A closer view of the Little House. Lisa is on the left and her mother is on the right. Some window panes are missing. You can also see that there is a plank sidewalk of sorts in front of the house. The house actually looks like it's more than 100 years old here!

Inside view of the Little House. The fireplace is desecrating due to being made of synthetic material and lack of care. The "CI - CI" is clearly very large. Lisa wrote about the inside of the Little House, "The Little House looks different inside. [The ranch manager] explained to me that they filmed on a sound stage and only used the little house for outside scenes. Inside the little house, there was not the add-on kitchen, which I thought was weird because in "The Handyman" they clearly show outside pictures. Also, the "cici" on the fireplace was huge and the fireplace wasn't real at all. I didn't go into the loft. . . . Also, there was Carrie's bed frame lying on the ground where her bed used to be."
A closer view of the loft and the ladder going up to it. There is no kitchen in this Little House even though it was shown in the episode "The Handyman." You can also see that the interior walls are wooden instead of that stucco stuff they show on the show.
Carrie's bed frame in the bedroom.
The dugout or "soddy" that the Ingalls lived in while their house was being built. It's pretty far from the Little House, up a hill.
The Barn.
The above picture shows the road going into town. It was taken between the Little House site and the former town site, just past the pond. Town was located around the bend. The oil rig shown was most likely used in other shows since the ranch has been used to film many shows.
This view of the hill in the opening credits was taken from the Little House. You can see part of the barn on the left.
The above photo shows Laura and Almanzo's house.
Sleepy Eye: The building with the red bricks and black windows was the Blind School.
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
The above photo shows the church in its present location. It was moved from the town site to the site where the blind school used to be. This isnt the same church from the show.
Another view of the church and pond. In front of the church is the pond where Laura and Nellie had their infamous mud fight. Beyond the hill is the Little House.
Here is a closer view of the pond as well as the tree where Laura cried in the "Back to School" episode.