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Beautiful video produced by Eric Caron of the making of "Little House." If you have a moment, please watch! Very well put together.


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Little Shepherd

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Childhood Memories on the "Little House" TV Set


Ruth Mackie and her family lived at the bottom of the hill in Simi Valley where the TV "Little House" was being filmed. Ruth shared with us how the set seemed like home because she and her brothers were able to have lunch a couple of times with the cast and catch blue belly lizards with Melissa Gilbert. Ruth also enjoyed riding her horse through the set and saying hello to everyone who was coming and going to work. When the set was blown up she cried because it was an important place to those who worked on the set but for her it was part of her childhood.

Below are a few photos Ruth shared with Prairie Fans.











Building Walnut Grove


Phil Hobbs has hand built replica models of the Ingalls homestead and the school house from the NBC "Little House" TV series. More photos can be seen here.



NEW BOOKS by Melissa Gilbert


The following books are available for purchase at all major book stores or can be purchased by visiting Melissa's official website.


"My Prairie Cookbook"



In My Prairie Cookbook, Melissa Gilbert, star of Little House on the Prairie, offers fans comforting family recipes and childhood favorites. From prairie breakfasts and picnic lunches to treats inspired by Nellie’s restaurant, the 80 simple and delicious dishes—crispy fried chicken, pot roasts, corn bread, apple pie, and more—present Bonnet Heads (die-hard Little House fans) with the chance to eat like the Ingalls family.

Gilbert’s personal recollections and memorabilia, including behind-the-scenes stories, anecdotes, and more than 75 treasured scrapbook images, accompany the recipes. With answers to the most-asked questions from fans—on topics including the biggest bloopers (a "must read" for visitors of this website), on-set romances, and what Michael Landon was really like—My Prairie Cookbook is a cherished memento for Little House fans and fans of simple prairie cooking alike.


"Daisy and Josephine"



New York Times bestselling author Melissa Gilbert makes her picture book debut with this fetching story about a shy little girl and her spunky dog, Josephine!

Everyone has a favorite person, and Daddy is Daisy’s. But when the two of them are on the road for Daddy’s work, Daisy sometimes feels lonely. She is very shy and wishes she had a friend. So Daddy gets Daisy a surprise: a funny-looking puppy named Josephine. They make quite a pair—Daisy with her overbite and Josephine with her under bite. Will Daisy’s rambunctious new friend help bring her out of her shell?

This charming story of an unlikely friendship, based on actress and New York Times bestselling author Melissa Gilbert’s own childhood and her very own French bull dog named Josephine is one that everyone can relate to.

“I’m so excited to share the story of Daisy and Josephine,” Melissa says. “I hope it will inspire children to be brave, to sing, and to always shine brightly!”.

More photos can be seen here.